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Wolverine Punch OutWolverine Search And DestroyPic Tart WolverineX Men Personality Test
X Men GirlWolverine Adventure FactoryX Men Vs Justice LeagueWolverine M.R.D Escape
Wolverine Car SmashX Men Trio SquadWolverine Customization
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Wolverine Punch Out Wolverine Punch Out
Play a round of Boxing with Wolverine. Can you beat his claws?
X Men Vs Justice League X Men Vs Justice League
Choose the Marvel comics heroes (x men) and go head to against the Justice League (Dc characters). Choose from Wolverine, Psylocke, Cyclops or Gambit and start fighting against the DC characters (Batman, Wonder Woman and Aqua man).
Wolverine Car Smash Wolverine Car Smash
Smash cars using the ever great and cool wolverine. Different kinds of attack to attack and enjoy. Smash the cars as fast as you can.
Pic Tart Wolverine Pic Tart Wolverine
Solve the jigsaw pic tart and make various pictures of wolverine while enjoying the awesome music in the background.
X Men Girl X Men Girl
Choose from one of the various combination of clothes and accessories and get your very own X Men girl.
X Men Personality Test X Men Personality Test
Which of the X Men characters do you want to be? Find out by taking the cool test whether you will get to be your favorite X Men character.
X Men Trio Squad X Men Trio Squad
A fun typing game where you have to time your typing speed to attack with different kinds of skills. It is recommended that you play the training first.
Wolverine Customization Wolverine Customization
Dress Up your favorite x men character, wolverine in this fun dress up game. Click on the claws to put on Tops, Accessories, Shoes, Belts and more other stuff.
Wolverine Adventure Factory Wolverine Adventure Factory
Use your imagination and create your very own game with Wolverine or Storm as the hero. Place enemies to fight, objects to collect, platforms to walk on and more.
Wolverine M.R.D Escape Wolverine M.R.D Escape
Jump onto to platforms and climb the wall spiderman style and help wokverine escape from M.R.D. Keep yourself invisible to the cameras and destroy the robot guards.
Wolverine Search And Destroy Wolverine Search And Destroy
Go on a search and destroy and mission in Genosha, the former paradise, that has been destroyed by Magneto. Use wolverine's amazing fighting skills and take down your enemies.
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